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Pocket Ants is a game about ants, released in early access by Ariel Games on 27 June 2020. You are born as an ant. Trapped in a small island surrounded by a river with nothing but the Queen Ant, you have to survive and grow your ant empire. Gather resources, upgrade your nest, and breed more ants! Battle other players to get more resources! But at the same time, beware of the dangers above the nest! Creatures and red ants prowl the plains, bees and termites populate the trees, and fire ants jealously guard their aphid stores and nest, attacking if you come too close. Build an empire, survive, and thrive!

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News and Updates


The Creature Event: Festive Tiger Beetle has started!


The Creature Event: Festive Tiger Beetle is announced on Discord.


The 2nd Anniversary Event has started! The new creature for this event is Emperor Scorpion.


The 2nd Anniversary Event is announced on Discord.


The Creature Event: Monarch Butterfly has started!

Featured Articles

Emperor Scorpion

See the newest creature from the 2nd Anniversary event.

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Conditions to Attract

Learn the best way to attract your favorite creature.

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Asian Giant Hornet

Find out how to summon the Asian Giant Hornet.

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Learn about the mini-boss that only appears on weekends.

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Did You Know...

  • … that bosses at co-op mode gain more health as there are more players in the lobby?
  • … that you can get a golden creature from a normal summon with golden, platinum or diamond pheromones?
  • … that, according to Ariel Games, "the [red ant] queen is too fat to move or attack"?
  • … that the Venus flytrap used to show a swallowing animation when eating creatures?
  • … that real life Tiger Beetles can run up to 5 mph? That’s 120 times its body length every second!
  • … that Ariel Games, the creator and developer of Pocket Ants, is from Spain?

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There are currently no events. Check Discord for the next event announcement.

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